The Russian-American Research Nexus (RARN) is a consortium of Russian and American anthropologists/archaeologists who conduct research on prehistoric, historic and contemporary sites/cultures in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. RARN promotes opportunities and supports events conducive to the mutual sharing of ideas and research findings from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives. RARN also furthers the establishment of a fellowship of scholars who engage in long-term interdisciplinary research collaborations with the goal of disseminating their findings by way of academic forums that convene on a regular basis and through publications.

Organizing Committee (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Dmitri M. Bondarenko (National Research University Higher School of Economics; Russian State University for the Humanities)
  • Dr. Richard J. Chacon (Winthrop University)
  • Dr. David H. Dye (University of Memphis)
  • Dr. Lynn H. Gamble (University of California Santa Barbara)
  • Dr. Roman N. Ignatiev (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Dr. Sergei A. Isaev (St. Petersburg Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Dr. Sergei A. Kan (Dartmouth College)

Contact email: america-anthropology [at] mail.ru